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Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:21 am by Dasadorah

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Fri Feb 26, 2010 3:43 am by Dasadorah

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 Wicked Red

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PostSubject: Wicked Red   Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:21 am


Wicked Red is the orginal game guild that has hit the
free to play mmorpgs since the year of 2008. We
have a core of casual, hardcore friendly members
that treat each other like family.

Status and Requirements:


Who are the leaders?
-Guildleader: Dasadorah
-Vice Guildleader: Nightpool
-Community Guildleaders: Darkis, Kubix, Ava, Simon
wtfomgbbq, J3nnif3r and welshdemon

Do I have to be active 24/7 to join?
- No! We all have lives outside the gaming world.
Just need to be decent active that we all know you
are still here.

Server and fraction?
-Nezeb (League)

-No level requirement
-No Age requirement
-Must be nice!
-Must fill out guild application in the "Application" thread

Wicked Red: Code of Conduct

*Respect is the Rule to which we shall all abide. In all things, and in all matters, members of all ranks will treat each other with the respect they themselves deserve to be treated with. No member has the right, or the capacity, to speak to another in any way derogatory or demeaning.

*Respect is expressed in word and in actions. Please keep profanity and language of a sexual connotation to a minimum and only in situations where all involved are comfortable with the sentiments expressed.

*Respect that everyone is different. Discrimination of culture, beliefs, race, gender, religion, or any other form of personal attacks, will not be tolerated.

*Respect the privacy of what each member says .What is written on this board and in guild chat or spoken in vent are the members of Wicked Red only. Unless established with prior consent with all parties involved, no form on any communication will be revealed outside official Guild channels.

*Respect those outside the guild. Do not engage in any activity that brings the honorable name of Wicked Red down in the eyes of our Server community. It doesn’t matter if you are Leader or a member of the rank and file: You represent us all. Carry that responsibility, and that honor, with pride.

*Respect the limits of those who can help. Priority for assistance, in any form such as quests, materials and items, is reserved for Wicked Red members first. However, please respect that the needs and requirements for members of different levels differ, and as such should be respected. We serve each other with honor, and respect, but are not enslaved or slaves to the wills of each other either.

* Honor each individual's choice for playing the way that most serves them, so long as it brings no harm to Wicked Red, or its reputation as a whole. Just because it is isn't your play style, it brings neither the right nor the means to disrespect or bring it down.

*Respect the community by being an active part of it. Help yourself, and one another, and give back to the guild.Advancing your character to better aid others is one way. The collection of materials and supplies for the guild and its crafters is another. All can find a path to be of service to one another.

Your conduct reflects on the guild as a whole. Leader and member alike, you all walk equal to each other, your actions and words reflecting on us all.

We are Wicked Red.


Wicked Red Founder and Guild leader
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Wicked Red
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